It Takes a Choir with Gareth Malone – USA TV Series

TV Show: It Takes a Choir

Genre: Reality TV, Music

Season/ Series Number: Season 1

Year: 2013

Network/ Broadcaster: USA Network

Season Air/ Premiere Date: 10:00 PM ET/PT Friday, November 1, 2013

Trailer Video: Coming soon

Country: USA


Gareth Malone

Tags: The Choir USA

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Description: It Takes a Choir is based on the UK BBC series The Choir. Like the original, this reality series follows the inspiring British choirmaster Gareth Malone as he attempts to train various work and social groups of singing novices, with the eventual aim of forming a choir that will perform in public.

Malone who specializes in uniting and empowering people through the power of music, finds himself a long way from home as he brings his techniques and charisma to the United States. Will Gareth experience the same levels of success this side of the Atlantic?

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