What’s the Target commercial song? – 2024 Target Circle Ad Tune & Actress

Target is currently advertising its latest Target Circle Week in this new ad spot. Here we take a look at the 2024 Target commercial’s music and actress information.

What’s the Target Circle Week commercial song?

The high-energy tune playing in this Target ad is the song ‘Baby I’m a Star’ which is performed by the legendary American musician and singer Prince with his band, The Revolution.

Baby I’m a Star can be found on Prince’s hit 1984 sixth studio album ‘Purple Rain’ which topped the Billboard 200 chart.

Who’s the Target commercial actress?

The ‘Target Lady’ in this 2024 Target ad is played by the American actress and comedian Kristen Wiig who’s famous for appearing regularly on Saturday Night Live from 2005 to 2012.

The 50-year-old New York-born television star is seen in the ad spot playing the retailer’s Target Lady character, a Target employee who absolutely lives and breathes her job, even when she’s not at work.

Before heading off to the store to begin her shift, we watch Kristen Wiig’s character waking up while wearing a red Target sleeping mask, then putting on her Target slippers, and getting in some warm-up exercise by using a checkout belt as a treadmill.

All this plus many more crazy things as we realize Target Lady’s home is basically a mini Target store of her own, meaning she can live the Target life 24 hours a day.