The Day of the Doctor To Recieve Single Worldwide Broadcast Date

In what will become one of the most unique events in broadcasting history, The Day of the Doctor will air on BBC America in the US and in numerous countries around the world, simultaneously.

If US Doctor Who fans getting to watch this special episode at the exact same time as their UK counterparts wasn’t good enough, it now appears most of the worlds population can join them.

So far over 75 countries throughout the globe have signed up to take part in the simultaneous screening. In addition to BBC America and BBC One broadcasting the 50th anniversary special, a multitude of TV stations and cinemas will now be airing the show.

BBC Entertainment will bring the Doctor to numerous countries all over Africa and Asia, Canadians can tune in on Space, ABC will carry the show in Australia, while Karousel and NKS will cover Russia. Much of South America and Europe will also be catered for, with new locations being added all the time. Where available, certain viewers will even get experience the 75 minute long showing in 3D.

Joining existing stars Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman who play the current Doctor Who and companion Clara respectively, will be the former team of Doctor number 10 David Tennant and Billie Piper who plays Rose Tyler.

For most of the world including the USA and Canada, The Day of the Doctor’s premiere date is set for Saturday, November 23, 2013. For viewers living beyond the international date line, the day will already be Sunday the 24th for them.