The Musketeers BBC Episode Guide – Season 1

This is an episode guide and cast list for the upcoming BBC America TV series, The Musketeers. The ten-part action drama is scheduled to premiere in the US in June, 2014.

Episode 1: Friends and Enemies

Athos, Porthos and Aramis are sent to find a missing musketeer who’s carrying important letters on behalf of the King. But Cardinal Richelieu plans to sabotage The Musketeers reputation.

Meanwhile, D’Artagnan journeys with his father to Paris to petition King Louis, but after being attacked while stopping over at an Inn, the pairs plans are thrown into turmoil. These events lead to D’Artagnan seeking revenge against the Kings guard.

Writer – Adrian Hodges

Director – Toby Haynes


Episode 2: Sleight of Hand

Athos, Porthos and Aramis go in search of the notorious criminal Vadim, who seeks to overthrow the royal family. But with King Louis and Queen Anne’s lives in danger, who’s side is D’Artagnan on?

Writer – Adrian Hodges

Director – Toby Haynes


Episode 3: Commodities

The Musketeers are ordered to capture the infamous explorer and trader, Emile Bonnaire (James Callis). While on route back to Paris, Porthos discovers the disturbing truth behind Bonnaire’s trade dealings.

Writer – Susie Conklin

Director – Saul Metzstein


Episode 4: The Good Soldier

After discovering the truth behind the sneak attack which saw almost his entire troop killed, former Musketeer Marsac returns to Paris intent on shooting the Duke of Savoy.

Will Aramis turn Marsac in, or help his former friend find justice?

Writer – Adrian Hodges

Director – Richard Clark


Episode 5: The Homecoming

Porthos wakes from a drunken night of birthday celebrations to find himself next to a dead body. Presuming him guilty of murder, the Musketeer is quickly sentenced to death.

With his fate seemingly sealed, Porthos is suddenly abducted and taken to the Court of Miracles slums. Back in his childhood neighborhood and reunited with a former love, The Musketeers must infiltrate the slums to save it’s residents from an unknown danger.

Writer – Adrian Hodges

Director – Richard Clark


Episode 6: The Exiles

In this complex and intertwined story D’Artagnan and Aramis are supposed to be guarding a young lady on route to Paris when a gang somehow manage to take her baby. Failing in their duties when the baby is abducted, the pair must discover who the woman really is and why her son was targeted. Feeling a mixture of guilt and pity for the distraught mother, Aramis makes it his personal duty to rescue her child.

Meanwhile, Louis and Queen Anne get a surprise when the kings banished mother, Marie de Medici, returns in search of protection from an unidentified assassin. With their services stretched, The Musketeers must now carry out the duties of defending the royal family, while also fighting to protect the woman and her baby.

Writer – Ben Harris

Director – Andy Hay


Episode 7: A Rebellious Woman

After the tragic death of a girl underneath the royal carriage, The Musketeers’ investigations into her missing friend lead them into the world of a high-born and enlightened woman, Ninon De Larroque (Annabelle Wallis), who manages to get right under Athos’ skin.

The Musketeers must put aside their animosity towards Cardinal Richelieu when his life is placed in danger and they must rescue this extraordinary woman.

Writer – James Payne

Director – Richard Clark


Episode 8: The Challenge

The Musketeers are given the task of bringing the fearsome Labarge (played by Vinnie Jones), a regional Intendant, under arrest for the murder of two Musketeers, to Paris. The Red Guards, resentful of the Musketeers’ handling of Labarge, begin a fight between the two regiments.

Frustrated at the disruptive rivalry between the Musketeers and Red Guards, the french King requests a contest to settle once and for all who’s strongest. D’Artagnan desperately wishes to be chosen to fight so he can prove himself worthy to be a Musketeer. But to do so, he must first learn to control his impetuous nature and not let his heart rule his head in combat.

Writer – Susie Conklin

Director – Farren Blackburn


Episode 9: Knight Takes Queen

Queen Anne’s taking of the waters is cut short when her life is put in mortal danger. Meanwhile, King Louis dines with wealthy German banker Count Mellendorf, who’s looking for a French match for his beautiful daughter.

As the Musketeers try to spirit Anne back to the french capital, the group are forced to seek refuge in a fortified convent, where Aramis comes face to face with his past. Under siege and with their lives in danger, the Mother Superior and nuns help the Musketeers in their defense of the convent, but how will they survive once they’re out of ammunition?

Writer – Peter McKenna

Director – Andy Hay


Episode 10: Musketeers Don’t Die Easily

The series reaches its thrilling climax when an unexpected rift between the Musketeers threatens to blow them apart. Athos takes a woman hostage in the square and the Musketeers are amazed to discover he is threatening none other than Milady.

Athos is furious when he finds out that d’Artagnan knows her, testing their friendship to its limits. D’Artagnan is forced to do the unthinkable and seeks Milady’s help. The Cardinal, fearful the Musketeers will prove he masterminded the attempt on the Queen’s life, compels Milady to kill them by any means. Milady has no choice but to revisit her dark past and in doing so puts Constance into danger. The Musketeers must use all their wits and courage to outsmart her and save Constance.

Can the Musketeers restore their team and bring Milady and the Cardinal to justice? Or will Milady finally wreak her revenge?

Writer – Adrian Hodges

Director – Farren Blackburn