Thunderbirds Are Go – New CGI ITV TV Series

TV Show Title: Thunderbirds Are Go

Genre: Children’s, Action Adventure, Animation

UK Channel/Broadcaster: ITV

Start Date: 2015

Description: The show will be a reboot of the original puppet and scale model based TV action series ‘Thunderbirds’, which ran for 32 episodes from 1965 to 1966. Despite only running for two seasons, the show developed a cult following which exists in young and old to this day. Since first being broadcast way back in the 60’s, each episode has been repeated many times through the decades with a film even being released in 2004.

In keeping some small links with tradition, the new series will also be filmed using scale model sets, but will now feature computer generated animation as well. TAG is scheduled to run for 26, 30 minute episodes once it begins airing in the UK on CITV in 2015.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Voice Cast and Characters:

Rosamund Pike as Lady Penelope

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Gordon Tracy and Jeff Tracy

Andres Williams as The Hood

Kayvan Novak (aka Channel 4’s Fonejacker) as Brains

David Menkin as Virgil Tracy

Rasmus Hardiker as Scott Tracy and Alan Tracy

David Graham as Parker (Graham also provided the voice of Parker in the original Thunderbirds episodes).

Director: David Scott

Chief Writer: Rob Hoegee

Tags: Reboot, CGI

Promo Trailer: To be released

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Source reference: ITV